Librarian Lyndon Jackson – Caribbean Community Game Changers Feature (Caribbean Studies Association E-Newsletter)

For those of you curious about my professional life, I hope this feature gives you some insight into the career of the curator of D'Male Librarian blog. I was pleased to be highlighted by the Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) in their monthly e-newsletter and extend sincere thanks to Ms. Meagan Sylvester, Editor of the CSA... Continue Reading →

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Environmental Controls and Monitoring in Archives – An Academic Paper

The control and monitoring of environmental conditions in archival buildings and storage areas are arguably the most reliable tools archivists possess in ensuring the long-term preservation of their holdings. Environmental conditions are integral to the survival of archival materials as the wrong conditions can significantly hasten the deterioration of these materials. Such deterioration can affect any type... Continue Reading →

Participatory Cataloging and User-Generated Tags: A Brief Look at the Library of Congress and Flickr (An Academic Paper)

The collaborative pilot project, between the Library of Congress and, the popular photo sharing website, Flickr, represented a distinctive shift in the LOC’s approach towards making their collections more accessible to the general public. In collaborating with Flickr, the LOC had taken a number of issues they faced into consideration. Firstly, they faced increasing competition from... Continue Reading →

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